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One Medic Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. (1174643-A) commenced its operations in June 2016, in the Medical and Healthcare field. Initially focusing on the business of private clinic, it now owns a chain of clinics known as Klinik Keluarga One Medic throughout Melaka and a Pharmacy, known as Farmasi One Medic. It is the leading top notch chain of clinics in Melaka. Most of the clinics are the Only 24-Hour clinics located in that vicinity.

One Medic Healthcare was founded by two very enterprising young doctors. The clinic’s motto “Care Close To You”, has spearheaded the clinic’s progressive growth. The company is anchored by 8 experienced resident doctors, 2 pharmacists and a combined staff of 40, who provide a more comprehensive range of Medical And Health Services including 24-Hour Antenatal Scan and X-Ray facilities.

Each Klinik Keluarga One Medic has a well-trained female resident doctor to cater for its female and muslimah patients.

One Medic Healthcare always strives to improve the quality of its service by providing comprehensive, latest medical treatment.

Executive Director

Doctor of Medicine (CSMU, FIAM, UMCAS)

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Managing Director

Doctor of Medicine (CSMU), MAC, AAAM, FIAM, UMCAS)

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To extend our complete care to the surrounding communities by providing a standardized top notch healthcare services.


To be the best one-stop healthcare provider in Melaka.


Care close to you


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